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Locked Down Prices for Summer at Booker

Booker, the UK’s leading food & drink wholesaler, has locked down prices for the whole of the summer.  Booker is guaranteeing the low prices on essential catering products such Chef’s Larder Tuna Chunks in Brine (1.7kg) at just £5.25 each when you buy a case of six, Chef’s Larder Baked Beans (2.62kg) for only £1.85 when you buy a case of six and Olympic Thick & Creamy Mayonnaise (10L) at £9.99.


As breakfast is such an important meal occasion to many different catering establishments, Booker has ensured locked down value on many breakfast products. Chef’s Larder Premium thick cut Danish unsmoked back bacon is buy two 2kg packs for £14, Blakeman’s sausages is just £6.49 and Chef’s Larder black pudding is just £1.59.  As well as this, eggs have been locked down at just £4 each when you buy three trays of 60, along with other staple products such as milk (2L) at 89p when you buy four and Kingsmill bread (800g) at a low 79p when you buy 10.


“Booker is committed to locking down our prices to save our caterers money,” said Ron Hickey, Sales Director – Catering.  “As food inflation continues to rise, there has never been a more important time for caterers to know that some of their core ingredients will not be increasing in price when they shop at Booker.  These prices are guaranteed to stay low until September and include ingredients such as butter, cheese, eggs and milk.  Booker believes in transparent, open and clear prices for all of our customers.”



Notes to Editors:

*prices guaranteed until 13th September 2011

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