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Major Shareholders

Substantial Share Interests1

As at 24 March 2017, the Company had been notified, in accordance with the Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules, of the following interests amounting to 3% or more of the voting rights in the issued share capital of the Company:

Number of ordinary Shares2

% of voting rights

Nature of holding

Ameriprise Financial Inc 133,470,168 7.49% Direct/ Indirect
Charles Wilson 108,241,986 6.07% Direct
Schroders Plc 85,864,499 4.82% Direct/ Indirect
AXA Investment Managers S.A.  84,887,406 4.76% Indirect
Artemis Investment Management LLP 76,526,351 4.29% Direct
Norges Bank 73,061,050 4.10% Direct
Aviva Plc 53,566,047 3.01% Direct/ Indirect
  1. Where the Company has been informed that the threshold for notification is 5 per cent in accordance with DTR 5.1.5, interests below this threshold are not included in this table.
  2. Correct at date of notification to the Company.
  3. Subsequent to year end, J.P. Morgan Securities Plc have disclosed information in accordance with DTR 5 on seven occasions. The most recent being 10 May 2017, disclosing their holding to be below their minimum notification threshold.

(Booker does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information provided to it.)

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